This is the lyft pickup point at LAX Airports. Let’s find a sign on the second floor! (Los Angeles World Airports)



Something as UBER convenient.Introduce the Los Angeles Airport pick-up location.lyft also won’t pick up only in as a private.Make sure in this article.(1/2017 information) related posts: safety, ease of verified: found the ride!Is UBER easy for travellers!

For the first time in Los Angeles

It is that I’m looking at this I’m sure to use Los Angeles Airport for the first time.Our family went to Los Angeles travel of 1/2017, for the first time.Please rest assured and know that the information on this page can get easily. Picture is the entrance of the Tom Bradley International Terminal (starting on the second floor).

Lax Tom Bradley

Structure of the Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

The Los Angeles Airport (LAX).It seems like figure below and look at the plane.Many Terminal there from Japan arrives in Los Angeles, Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).Rion is the main terminal for international flights. Arriving on the first floor, departure is on the second floor. Los Angeles Airport Terminal map

Is the UBER stand [2nd floor]

To get UBER [upstairs] to go.(1/2017 information).Won’t pick up and not pick up points on the second floor. I note here that is [2nd floor]. Arrival (Arrivals) will take you on the first floor (Lower Level).If you have entered the suitcase in hand first issue out.(* Go outside and was closed to the second floor.Please check in the field).Including taxi, shuttle and bus stops.But [upstairs] is UBER stand! Please go to anyway, so there, look around and go up onto the escalator and stairs on the second floor. Second floor (Upper Level) is “departure (Departures)”.Go to the “departure” arrived in?And it may seem on the second floor in the “departure” are correct.Could not take space on the first floor landing there’s no reason and avoiding friction with other services, such as taxis, or why not?.

Find the sign (ride service signs)!

Just look around you now, up on the second floor.The figure compared with earlier airport plan, where are you?.Take your time!So if not very crowded in the app called will come in about 10 minutes. Billboard (ride services sign) If you’ve arrived now, TBIT (Tom Bradley International Terminal) is close to the [C] or [d]. You could not sign in before leaving Japan was a little worried about our family’s real.Searching the net even had photos.First of all do not know whether or not signs.Possibly paper written with magic just like…. However, please rest assured!Firmly put pictures!Is a kind of sign.Small type of bus stop signs in the black base with white and [C] or [D] and or written.Around the other signs are not so easy to find. Unfortunately the photo is [A].It is taken from lyft car when returning to Japan.And tension in Los Angeles for the first time when we arrived, I was so swamped I forgot take photos….But it is the same shape, so look for this sign.

Uber Hotel at Los Angeles Airport

Lyft landing at Los Angeles Airport

[B] of the photos you have posted.

signs of uber pick-up points at lax Los Angeles Airport

Call in your app

And now, when you come to sign more and more apps UBER refers to let.Car with driver comes to pick up photos with plate number is displayed (if lyft) and wait while looking for.(unverified content in uber.Beverly Hills from Hollywood is shown below.)

commissioned by the uber app uberxl

I call the large-size car, you’ll have a suitcase.UBER is the “uberXL” or “SUV”.lyft is the ‘Plus’. Lyft Plus our family.Elmer’s shiny BMW was from the airport $ 45 from Hollywood.During the ride we have bottled water.So when off the bike three suitcases were handed the 3 dollar tip in cash.

Lyft driver

Choose a regular sedan and Prius level car will come.To be honest normal.I took a large size car is three times.Good car or Audi or BMW, room interior is shiny.There was no dust, clean kitchen and on the dashboard.Los Angeles for the first time, first time UBER is recommended to start feeling better in a larger size.


Is UBER stand [2nd floor] at the Los Angeles Airport. -Black base with white [C] and you [d] or is a stop sign. -Large-size car is recommended. -Comes in about 10 minutes. -Number of suitcase x $1 chips giving in a bus when the chip. And Los Angeles, have fun!