Verification of safety and ease of use: I got on riding! “UBER & lyft” is very easy for travelers!


Even Japan UBER () of the topic.Growing means cheap in Japan still seems only Tokyo service, international taxi more than handy in London.


It is a taxi dispatch service app is UBER easy to say.Drivers are signed with UBER contract employees.Different taxi car driver-owned cars is that. uber logo

UBER is safe!(Trip actually take.)

In Los Angeles has been used 8 times.(Although lyft UBER and similar services (lift)). No worries at all!Your peace of mind, take advantage! More to say, want to say Let’s use UBER for safety! Out of the four family members.My dad was always front passenger seat.English has no confidence in the once said that, in fact I hate with, international taxi passenger is always pounding.But this time to relax, so we can catch up.It was just your driver kindly and friendly people.I’ve used feel safe driving also seem, there was no anxiety. Driver after the ride in the app is evaluation from customers.5 stars is a perfect, total about 4.5 (exact value unknown), will cancel the agreement.So service was like is taking care. Actually driving at lyft, off the bike after further routes and prices displayed in the app.At the same time if you had a question on routes, prices and customer service centre complaints contact us button said shows.Such a system has drivers, “funny thing to do with”, and seems to say checks and balances.It also assured materials. I travel I feel, than a taxi is uber secure.(Personal thoughts…) are using drivers.(Photo below is history of lyft) lyft drivers who

UBER app is amazing

Thanks for coming to pick up apps one at the destination specified in the maps app in.So after the bus route and amount reaches app review.Payment with a card that is registered at the tap Finish.No exchange of cash or description of the destination to the driver. In other words, I can 喋ranakute. = == > People who are afraid of conversation! = = = > overseas travellers very convenient! 1/2017, Los Angeles.Used on a family trip.Can’t say I can speak only broken English, no UBER, Los Angeles travel!(Too?) Hire, uber app

Taxi please feel free to

You must not call taxi in hotels and restaurants in Los Angeles.Or wait at the taxi stand.No cruiser. To specify their position and destination on the map in the app is UBER, the will come in about 5 minutes.It is UBER is cheaper. Taxi’s need as much as 15% tip.Traveler tip calculation is tedious. UBER is a service charge.It is not necessary to calculate the tricky chip.(Seems that people recently in paying off the bike when you cash 2-$ 5 or so). However, it is recommended paying $ 1 per piece when something big suitcase into the trunk.Advance Pocket concealed chip in, drop off after the suitcases down, to say “thank you”, it is smart and quick passing. Lyft similar services, drop off after pay the chip in your app.($ 1, $ 2, $ 5 and comfy in the calculation amount is decided within the app.Normally $ 2 if good service feeling that five dollars.)

Much more efficient than the car rental.Time can be shortened.

Car rental, rent in about an hour.And conversations and agreements and the Sindhi-.Check road and beside the road and local rules, while-, looking for parking-, caught in a traffic jam, for.And finally the return procedures. Don time-consuming task.Limited time traveler! Appeared in five minutes and while UBER’s, will take on the best route (Google maps is).Anyway smooth because parking look no further.No pay in the car, so I come rode’s relatives, like feel. And most important, so your able to drink alcohol that! Lunch in the wine, stalls at beer.Car rental and drink it!. Out of US gasped a couple so UBER Banzai! Santa Monica


If you travel abroad absolutely recommended UBER.A fun trip!


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