Let’s take a taxi in Singapore. It is cheap and safe. And will the taxi be an English conversation classroom?



Singapore is also automatic driving taxi

2016 Summer began road test automated driving taxis in Singapore?nuTonomy (nurtnomy), says the American adventure is underway.Or being used in unmanned taxi is what Mitsubishi’s electric vehicle communication (eye Maeve).Bad Mitsubishi!Bad company Japan!


Singapore is the overseas travel in the first family.2014 – 2015, the end of the year went to the new year’s holiday.(Of course at that time not yet automated driving taxis.)

There was a personal arrangement and not move by themselves.The report because it was the first trip abroad since unrest, but taxi rode a few times.

With confidence.Also for the first time can get to safety.

How to ride a taxi in Singapore

Singapore taxi is regular cab international.Photo’s of Sentosa Island underground taxi stop.

Sentosa Island underground taxi stand

(1) stop if the empty hand to cite. → example: Orchard Road and hail a cab, and went to the Zoo.Around 8 o’clock that morning.

(2) raise your hand if you have a taxi stand near the well got to stop. → example: could also raise their hands in the Maxwell food centre around Chinatown, 止meremasenn.Was told to line up at the taxi stand if as we get closer to the taxi waiting for the signal.

(3) it is definitely at the taxi stand. → example: lined in Chinatown near the taxi stand, and I can catch up.If you do not know the end of the taxi line, “Are you in queue (queue)?” And listen.Singapore English, says “queue (queue)” column.staff in the line (the line).

China town taxi

(4) you may be turned down by destination.If the driver at the end of the shift, in opposite home etc.Overseas as well. → example: No.

(5) open the door yourself.And hop on and off.

(6) it is safe.Is the foot of the people of the city.The scope of common sense. → example: didn’t feel any worry or anxiety. Or make sure that the meter is running, but of course, I look at the google map is correct to appeal, or let the traveler’s safety.

(7) cheap.Feel free to use.It will take you 30 minutes roughly go anywhere. → example: from Orchard Road, Singapore Zoo is S $ 30 (2400).

(8) can use the card.I think you should say in the first.”Can I use credit card?” → examples are: Visa and master use both.It is not paid in cash.

(9) the chip is required. → example: could not travel there.

(10) drivers are friendly and like chatting. → example: while riding the taxi I took during the trip, I was very talkative….

Singapore taxi car