This is the reason to recommend “lyft” rather than “uber” if used on a trip!


Taxi dispatch service UBER  and lyft .”Use the travellers’ and lyft is my recommendation.When the family traveled to Los Angeles 2017, lyft took advantage eight times. From the feel of your app later, but rumors about the chip and easy to use so ended up using lyft.I didn’t even UBER reversed. So let’s compare the in the eye of the traveler. lyft Click here for the safety of lyft, UBER!Related posts: “verify the safety and ease of use: found the ride!Is UBER easy for travellers!」

App’s ease of use

But because this is a sense of personal hard to objectively evaluate < 1 &gt; lyft who displays the map easier and more, smooth movement. While < 2 &gt; location of lyft pins from beginning to an intuitive work, but is uber < 3 &gt; lyft intuitively difficult to navigate screen start by typing the PIN in the map at the motion of nearby cars and delivery time is displayed in real time, so feel the sense of security of the system.uber pissed pin appears car to decide.Also small car show.They feel a little out of date. Affected by one’s personal thoughts, but somehow lyft app is impressed with the easy-to-operate.Lyft manually pick up location photo below! Lyft app screens

Car grades

Suitcases luggage travellers often use, comparison of large cars. appropriate < 1 &gt; lyft type is a “Plus”.It was luxury with all three times with a nice car.BMW x 5, Audi Q7, the Hyundai Santa Fe. BMW <2>UBER’s two cars.”uber XL” as “SUV”.”SUV” luxury car category is, which is a 6-seater, the price is quite high.Also driver’s and professional limousine. Here’s a question.”UBER’s [BMW X5] is what will become the”SUV”category of luxury vehicles?”That thing.If deals lyft “Plus” is affordable, luxury cars as it comes. I did not try UBER, UBER try this and do not know, on the road of lyft experience satisfying care honestly. Either using the “uberXL” and you want to reveal.But from that question perplexes the traveler of this result, travelers recommend lyft, it becomes. Audi 1277957 640

Chip handling

Japanese traveler’s tip is annoying.Calculation is tedious and confusing market. lyft also UBER gratuity, basically the chip unnecessary, but it seems there is little rule. <1>lyft, when off the bike “payment confirmation” in can add the chips. And $ 1, $ 2, $ 5 be selected like that.Easy to understand!Travellers quite happy!If the total $ 10 each (approximately 15 minutes) near $ 2 so choose by feeling it more than say $ 5 chip, chip, it’s easy. Lyft app to add chips But just in case, “No tip” is available for drivers you got ‘Japanese representative”.Japanese people are stingy, and with Japanese representative, rather than being spread by the SNS and readily pay in tips I recommend to. <2>Followed by UBER. UBER official page is written like this.

“Tip is optional.If… < omission &gt;… to pay for chips like, drivers would willing to receive it.”

Roundabout this sentence from the “UBER official page”, but from the Japanese, and read the chip’s obligations.Paper, Internet rumors, written above comments behind the drivers seat the chip driver also said.Who required that the ride has become quite uncomfortable. < 3 &gt; you must also pass in cash, to pay chip in UBER app is not.It’s pretty confusing.First of all, do not know the fare in the first place.After the bus’s apps into your fare.Fares do not know because the tip before stepping down.Were provisionally estimated to $ 15 and must calculate the chip from there, shall be exchanged for cash in addition to open their wallets.This is very annoying.Will be quite a panic if the traveller without tipping. Difference between this chip lyft I recommend is the biggest reason.I couldn’t bring myself to heard this information ago the trip, use the UBER. However, although the UBER and lyft registered with both drivers often seems no longer.I asked whether there were drivers who display both stickers on the windshield, so any difference between both services are unchanged, said.Also asked dispatch request from the app which is a lot, but neither was about the same. lyft and uber drivers posting both stickers on the windshield


Listed in the topic “app’s ease of use” and “upgrade drive” is a quantitative cost and quality comparisons and in the treatment of the tip, both arising from the concern for the lack of comprehension and personal thoughts and cultures. However, limited time, want to minimize failure and loss, I saw in the eyes of the travel, recommended at the moment is no longer beams [lyft (lift)]. I hope that more secure, high-quality service will expand all over the world, the two companies have competed.