How to use lyft. [Travelers must see]. I got on lyft 8 times, when I traveled to Los Angeles. So I will introduce it in detail.


If you’re traveling abroad especially United States travel transportation lyft  highly recommended.Teach using such lyft , and ride.Go to Los Angeles in a family of four, took a lot.(1/2017).Please take a look at reference. Related articles here verify the safety and ease of use: found the ride!lyft is easy for travellers!

Trying to set the first pick-up point

Pin up to come pick up point.You should pin point maps are fairly high accuracy, so firmly to come. The figure below is a before the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Lyft app to set pick-up points

Then choose your model.

Choose vehicle type

Plus, visitors are recommended.Why is ↓. Related posts: spend it on travel, lyft , recommended more UBER () reasons. Plus is kinda high, but very pleasant to travel.Beautiful classy it is. Let me confirm well decided models.

Choose models with Lyft app

 Let’s set a destination:

Destination set with pins.Maps are quite detailed, so you can be more specific.From actually riding in the vicinity of your destination let me off here that is fine.It will tell me the recommended location if the driver friendly. When you tap “Set destination” and confirm. The figure below is a Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

To set the destination in Lyft app


 Try to request a vehicle

Verify the vehicle price (approximate), pick-up points, destination, press ok if you Request Plus confirmed.

Distributing Lyft app

You may then call me, here!Trap (eight times the phone rang twice), OK!He’s one) Los Angeles Airport, we will travel to the related articles:.Your waiting lyft stand at the Los Angeles Airport, click here. (1) on the 2nd floor (upper level)? -> YES!YES! (2) pick up signs near the (sign)?([C] or [d] or) → It’s [C]! If you don’t well (3), “Sorry, I can’t speak English very well (English not very well)” “speak slowly, please!” Attack! Your say I’m at upper level or I’m near the sign [c]. 2) → city if (1) is in or what landmarks are I’m in front of cheek to Nya et al et al (most to Nya et al from of before.Placemark should acknowledge and answers)

Find a car to pick me!

Cars come on the screen and shows photos and evaluation models and photo-plate number and driver name.

Lyft apps for your car to pick me

Car pick up location is displayed in real time, you’re getting closer.Look for the above information and the same car.Blue Prius seems to come in below the screen. Short mail driver car when you arrive at the location you specified in “Your Lyft driver name, is here! Look for the color name “and send the message.I think this short email without receiving a wide road America, so I found. Could find themselves even from the driver to keep their photos up settings screen.

Additional optional features include

With function split button and your friends will arrive is not in use by travellers.

Lyft app split function



“I’m almost to Nya et et” or “is-not” or say “happy new year” or. “You can check the name??”I, once said that if you answer in the”full name”or”name”. The getting shot.Of course my open door. “nice car” or “very clean” or “I’m traveler from Japan” that’s interesting.

Get off

Say “thank you” or “nice driving’ or ‘d.Essex gosaimaita”. Now, down from three, (1) to evaluate the driver. (2) to determine the payment amount (3) determine the amount of chips is.

To evaluate the driver

First assess the driver.With four stars and see what I should improve??Safe?Communication?Kindness?”I will choose to screen.

Lyft app to evaluate drivers

Driver makes about 4.5 stars, and seems to be terminated.So the app won’t let me on other than 5 stars easily.I think other than 5 points only if you didn’t like very much to the contrary, is good. By the way, your driver has been evaluated from is.In attitude, like a dirty man is given low scores.When requesting an allocation driver from its scores look like a too low number of guests if the driver seems to ignore requests.If it is so, so friendly and stay in good customers.

The chip set.

This is the greatest good of lyft.UBER is not paying the tip in cash and do not need lyft can be completed in your app. Related posts: spend it on travel, lyft (lift), recommended more UBER () reasons. It is easy. If you tap the amount only. Estimated that if total $ 10 each (approximately 15 minutes) near $ 2 I think it more than say $ 5 chip, and chip in.Los Angeles trip, decided to vary in this way every time. It is easy.

Set the chip in Lyft app

 To determine the amount of payment

Pay at the end. To check the amount, complete with “submit”. Paid by credit card.

Lyft app by payment

It’s done.Thank you for your hard work.

Historical perspective on the driver

Ride history can look at the app. Incidentally, in the campaign code had a $ 5 discount each time.Amount shown below shows the amount minus the $ 5 campaign.

Lyft driver history


It’s that easy.So if you a convenient transportation to the other is not. Drivers are all helpful. Alarmed also call is coming, all right.Trying to respond with the previous sentence. No need waiting time of passengers or the bus or train.Time can be used to enable.Door to door early!Rent a car in the parking lot look no further!Able to drink alcohol! lyft, fulfilling journey.