What kind of clothing is comfortable in Singapore trip? Let’s check with the photos. Dad, Mom, Kids.


It is of course hot tropical Singapore! Hot outside?What is the call?The restaurant is cold?International travel always worrying about dress.I don’t know of what kind of clothes should I bring? Climate is different, so quite hard to anticipate.Pictures in full field report please travel guide.  My family has made the 12/28/2014 to local 1/1/2015 4 nights/5 days.The Japan snow winter accumulates in the midst.It is December and January, summer clothes I can’t remember.The reported visit the photographs so help please. Pores are open and going on a trip from the cold Japan, Java’s sweat.Forgot cold Japan, Let’s enjoy hot Singapore!

The merlion

Singapore’s climate and temperature summary

Climate is tropical.End of year temperatures are approximate maximum temperature 30 ° C minimum temperature 23 ° C.Hot and humid! Osaka in August was up to 38 ° C and 27 ° C minimum.It will be mid-September of up to 30 ° C at least 24 ° C because at the end of the Singapore holidays are temperatures of early September in Japan (Osaka, Japan).So just go to Singapore from Japan in the winter, and temperatures, it was Hella hot, dank feel!.Ice kacang.

Iced Chan Singapore


And this time of year is during the rainy season.When you call it, we had was only once in 3 days on-site.I think Huck was about ten minutes of normal rains in Japan.It was morning whats quick breakfast ran to the basement dining room.Breakfast was stopped by rain after eating. I borrowed an umbrella in a hotel, but then without.Just took the umbrella to the Singapore Zoo was in luggage….Can shelter from the rain stops soon, so if it seems unnecessary umbrella. The sky was cloudy.Blood shines not because it is that ants.It is I think swim in the pool by day and kind of cold.Out of the water and little cool I feel, I feel better in the water.But temperatures in mid-September in Osaka I like.

Clothing from the Changi International Airport from Kansai International Airport

12/28. H.I.S’s cheap air ticket & hotel set out is standard.So many cheap China Eastern Airlines plane.And it is a staple of Shanghai transit.Kansai-> Pudong (Shanghai Pudong) > arrival at Changi Airport is. Related posts: “individuals can arrange overseas travel is cheap.Was less than half the package tour “is waiting in the transit landscape at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.Early winter is Shanghai, still the Singapore outfit!Wearing your outfit, but you can wear off.

Shanghai Pudong Pudong East airport transit transit

From Kansai International Airport to the outer wore UNIQLO ultra down.They are packed in carry bag carry-on.Gloves and scarves here. Small carry bag is convenient, is recommended. Flight to Singapore Changi International Airport was dressed like this.

At China Eastern Airlines to Singapore.Meals eaten.


After that hotel also went in the same outfit.Because taxis are hanging in the air conditioning wasn’t hot.

 Dress of the Singapore Zoo (am), River Safari (pm), night Safari (evening)

 12/29. Why arrived at Singapore!Yay! First of all is the Singapore Zoo.Morning, rain was a little down.The sky was cloudy.It is hot.Dimed me.Ruze, Abel is calling. Of course, it is cool in the summer.Short sleeve shorts, pretty walk so good walking shoes.If you familiar with if you wear sandals or cool.Incidentally having sheer hoodies or cardigans as air conditioning.

Singapore Zoo tamarins

Under saw the elephant show.I was bitten by mosquitoes….Compete with much Alpha.It is better kept and insect repellent.Many mosquitoes are not.It was a mosquito commonly found in Japan by the way. Got lost in the bag and tataki, Papa and Mama wrote, the mobile tags is hung.Water supply deal.

Singapore Zoo

It is hotter in the evening.Night Safari entrance.

Night Safari entrance

Until the night Safari open souvenirs from looking in.Visitors to actually wait this back to the secret entrance.This story was also later.After all never used umbrella.BBW chubby daddy, crotch rubbing watch out! Related posts: night Safari local ticket deals.There is no waiting at the entrance of the secret. Night Safari

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Night Safari with creatures of the night show after.Night 19:00 was.Breeze cool grin.Cardigan has been good.

Night Safari creatures of the night show


Aloha when traveling to hot country, always keep in mind.There day and night, and the sometimes very cold air conditioning.

The merlion, Clarke Quay, hawker, katong dress

12/30. Today is a day of walking around town. The merlion, Clarke → Chinatown → Maxwell Food Centre → katong! The merlion staple.Rainy cloudy sky.Aloha, Parker feels kinda cool in the morning, so it is required.

The merlion

Even eat ice cream!Huge iced Chang, Cup!I’m happy!

Iced Chan Singapore

Then on a boat and arrived at Clarke Quay.Short sleeve shorts.The Joshi (female) wearing one piece and feels just right.I still cloudy.Squall wasn’t even to this day.Umbrella was not necessary. Clarke Quay Singapore

And as the restaurant side of the shrimp and crab feast!Yes or not I do.This chili crab?!Flavoured firm transportation sources and dense.Sticky hands.Not to drink the finger Bowl!

Chilli crab and Clarke Quay

Subway ride there from the Chinese city arrival.Short sleeve shorts is just right.BBW chubby daddy got a crotch rubbing note I’m (I just?)。

Chinatown MRT Singapore

Chinatown MRT station

Arrive at the MRT.Here’s the Maxwell Food Centre.Famous chicken heaven Amami South Hotel.Line up.Singapore tea with sugar, sweet note.It is all fresh juices are delicious. It is so beautiful here Maxwell Food Centre and toilets.The larger staff.Are equipped with paper.Peace of mind! Ordinary Maxwell Food Centre

Afternoon long short sleeve shorts.Walk from Chinatown.So hot good juice!No air conditioning in the hawker coat was unnecessary.Ceiling fan is all aircraft operating at full capacity.

Ordinary Maxwell Food Center fresh juice

Picking up a taxi to katong.When I was 14.It’s still short sleeve shorts.Katong… There is only this building of the Guidebook only.Hmm, don’t know how to enjoy family was….But see for yourself if you are interested in, so why don’t you go and do not know.

Katong Singapore

Night’s dinner in the orchard.Department store is well garnished with air conditioning.Aloha required.Can you wear socks that so cold.

Orchard at night

Orchard at night

Sentosa Island, 313 @somerset (313 @ Somerset) dress

 12/31. Today at the Sentosa Luge and a pool. Today is cloudy.It is a short sleeve shorts by example.And each Cardigan or Parker concealed in the bag will. Skyline Luge Sentosa

First try the skyline Luge.Arriving shortly after opening.I could take to avoid the queues!I rode twice because it was fun.7-year-old child is OK.

Skyline Luge Sentosa

Followed by Singapore pools.Unfortunately no photos.Partly cloudy is feeling a little chilly and empty out of the water.New year season into the pool, the Mont Blanc.Long distance of the lazy river!Wasn’t too busy.Because it is getting colder, rose by 1.Because the slider is quite lined up. In bottom photo a limp State.Empty stomach and a bad mood!This is a short sleeve shorts.

Singapore pools

Fast-food outlets in Singapore at noon.My wife is dating of Luxor, and fate!I was addicted.After the pool is cold juice drink.It is that feeling.To enter the pool is a little low temperatures, wet hot.

Sentosa restaurants Luxor

It’s now early afternoon.Take a taxi and go to Orchard.Singapore taxis are in the basement.Knowing I looked….

Sentosa basement taxi

Night 313 is the Food Court of the @somerset (313 @ Somerset), “food Republic”.In the short sleeve shorts outfits?Air conditioning in cool do you wearing hoodies, and adjust. It is a huge food court.On the fifth floor.313 @ Somerset staff do not know how to get to the fifth floor, I’m kinda lost. And there are plenty of shops and many seats there.Very nice sushi satisfaction high. Example by cold desserts.Why are corn in iced Chang.I don’t want the cash corn.

313 @ Somerset hood, Republic eiscachang

And iced Chang corn food Republic 313 @ Somerset Singapore

Feast thank you!

Dress to the Kansai International Airport from Changi International Airport

1/1. Singapore was fun.It is time to return home. Vacant since new year’s day.The first opens a shop in the airport.Half sleeves and long pants.Layers that have a trainer.Hotel-airport-taxi, so long pants is fine.In clothing, towards Japan in winter, let’s adjust.

Changi International Airport for new year

Carry bag for small, as well as to have endured, such as layering or ultra light down, gloves scarf.The cabin.

Singapore Changi International Airport

Singapore was fun.Thank you for your hard work.


  • Carry-on plane movement, carry bag, warm clothes keep
  • Cabin is adjust in several layers.
  • Singapore is hot.Increasingly damp.Japan’s summer was the same.
  • Rainy squalls.No umbrella if you take shelter.
  • In the cloudy sky.
  • Basic is a summer dress.Short sleeve shorts.
  • Aloha to the chill of the morning and evening and air conditioning anti mandatory.
  • Crotch rubbing attention are overweight.
  • Such as deodorant and sweat armpit pads to make sure those who need.
  • Sweat wiping seats and convenient.
  • Don’t forget a hat and sunblock on.

In Singapore enjoy hot end of year and new year!