Breakfast is open to overseas.



Morning! With breakfast!

Live overseas like since this morning!

The best cafes, right?


Outdoor cafes.

Yes, it’s fashionable, forcibly immersed in the international mood situation!Lagoon area has a lot of restaurant you can enjoy.It is a refreshing morning & twink stuff, feel good.Situation is how it is.

Recommended is the eggs Benedict.

Toro-want to egg southern dressing.Bread and folded in two, fork with wax.


Not a fashionable?(Waist 90 something?Well Hey metabolic syndrome, though?)

Full note

Nice Oh, fruit platter-the waffles & maple syrup too hard right-, English tea is nice but I want to drink Cappuccino-.

Full attention!



Recommended shops

 Coast roast Cafe (Coast Roast Cafe)

Photos on this page are pictured here.Lagoon front, Mack Avenue intersection.Across the street is a shop on the other side of the Mac.Was a Japanese clerk.The resident is not.Meals are quite volume so be careful!And while I elementary school children in the tongue out since this morning.

Feast thank you!